There are many ways for you to make a difference through the Temiskaming Foundation. You can make a donation to the fund of your choice, set up a planned gift or create a legacy by creating a fund. 


The Donor Advised Fund enables ongoing donor participation in the distribution of the income from their fund. The donor, or donor and an advisory committee named by the donor, give the Foundation recommendations on all distributions. In all disbursements, the chosen charity must be a registered charitable organization(s). This fund requires a $10,000 minimum start-up donation.

David Armstrong Fund
Doug Worth Youth Fund
Elsie Jean Taylor Fund
George Taylor Fund
Gordon & Greyson Zubyck Memorial Fund
Hartley & Dorothy Houston Community Fund
Leonard A. Wilson Fund
Northern Beacon Rebekah Lodge (212) Smart & Caring Community Fund
​Orville McDermid Fund
Silver Lodge Masonic Fund
Temiskaming Shores Smart & Caring Community Fund
Zetta Greer Fund

How can we help you?

We provide important services to individuals, families, corporations and agencies, assuming responsibility for:

  •     legal administration of the fund;
  •     receipt and processing of additional contributions at any time;
  •     issuance of eligible tax receipts;
  •     investment of the fund's assets;
  •     re-investment of the income from the fund's assets until it is needed;
  •     preparation and filing of all tax returns;
  •     completion of an annual audit;
  •     response to government regulations and audits;
  •     liability insurance as necessary for our directors;
  •     periodic statements on capital balance and available income to your organization;
  •     distribution of earnings to or for your agency as you or your donors provide and
  •     help for you in endowment marketing.



With Unrestricted Community Funds, the income generated from these funds may be used for any community program at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Unrestricted funds allow the Board to respond to the community’s most pressing needs.

Donors interested in setting up this type of fund can do so by starting with a minimum donation of $1,000. These funds would start as a Named Fund within the Community Fund. Donors can choose to continue to contribute and with $10,000 or more, the donor may request that it be separately established and accounted for.

Austin and Sybil Cooper Memorial Fund
Bryan & Louisa Wilson Fund
Canon Sims & Lillian Barrett Memorial Fund
Catherine & Mac (John) Alexander and Rose (Sumarose) & Luke Charney Fund
Clement Miron Fund
Community Fund
Dick Taylor Memorial Fund
Ernest Douglas Gray Fund
Ernie Maddock Memorial Fund
Founding Donors Fund
Gordon William & Annie Marion Knight Fund
Ira & Margery Honsinger Fund
Jennie Low Fund
Mary & William Elliott Fund
Michael Taylor Memorial Fund
Michele & Larry Lamoureux Fund
Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Fund
Ralph & Isabel Ramsay Fund
Robert & Clara Boyd Fund
Scott & Ruby Wilson Fund
Stephen Cawley Fund
Three H Furniture Fund

Donors & Funds


Planned Gifts



You can donate online through Canada Helps here. You can also donate by dropping by our offices or giving us a call.

Why donate to a community foundation?

  • Your gift keeps back to the community year after year
  • You can chose where to direct your donation
  • You can remain anonymous if you wish
  • You can give a gift to honour or in memory of someone
  • You can create your own fund


Agency Endowment Funds are established by friends or the governing board of a charitable organization. These funds provide an annual source of operational funding which contribute to the health and stability of designated agencies. This fund requires a $10,000 minimum start-up donation.

Classic Theatre Fund
Cobalt Mining Museum Fund
Community Cancer Care Fund
Englehart & Area Historical Museum - Ruby G. Bryan Memorial Endowment Fund
Englehart & Area Hospital Fund
Haileybury Heritage Museum Fund
Haileybury Public Library Fund
Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum Fund
Northdale Manor Fund
Pied Piper Kidshow Fund
Temiskaming Art Gallery Fund
Temiskaming Festival of Music Fund
The IODE Haileybury Chapter Memorial Fund


The Temiskaming Foundation is in the business of endowment building and management.  The Foundation was created to raise and manage endowment funds for community needs and has professional expertise in these areas.  You can establish your legacy today by setting up a fund at The Temiskaming Foundation to make annual grants to your favourite charities and organizations.  Your fund can also serve as the beneficiary of your estate.  It is a great tool for involving your children and grandchildren in your family's philanthropy. 

Individuals wishing to donate can contribute to existing funds. Most of these funds are endowment funds, funds where money is invested and only the interest generated is disbursed.  These funds are held in perpetuity - they are never spent and each year it keeps earning interest and giving back to the community. From there, individuals wishing to donate can contribute to existing funds.

Make an impact on your community.


Flow Through Funds have a set maturity date. At this date, the full balance of the fund (both the principal and income) is released.

Denis Desjardins Colon Cancer Awareness Fund

A bequest in your Will is the simplest way of making a planned gift. It is a great way to leave a lasting legacy or honour a loved one.  A bequest to The Temiskaming Foundation ensures the future grow of our community.

To make a bequest, you can include the following in your will: 

I direct my trustees to give the sum of $__________ in cash or in kind or _________% share of my estate to The Temiskaming Foundation to be used where it is needed most.

Want to create a fund?

Our simplest fund is a Named Fund, which can be set up with a minimum of $1000.  This would be placed in a Community Fund and can stay there with the donor's name or in memorium of a friend or family member.  Grants will be pooled and given out to the community where they are needed the most.  Over time, if the donor wishes they can continue to contribute to the fund until at which time it reaches $10,000 at which time they can choose to either have it become a Donor Advised Fund or a Restricted Fund with a specific recipient.

For more information, please contact the Temiskaming Foundation.

Make a difference in the lives that follow.

 A planned gift is a way to contribute to your community while providing financial security for you and your family.  Planned gifts are easy to arrange and can offer attractive benefits such as significant tax savings and enhanced control in estate planning. Estate planning is important for everyone.  Planned gifts enable you to distribute your assets as you wish while minimizing taxes and maximizing the benefits to you, your heirs and the causes you believe in.

Discuss your gift or donation with your lawyer, accountant or life insurance agent or contact The Temiskaming Foundation. Visit for more information.

Legacy Giving Options:



Easy, popular, have little or no effect on your current finances, reduces taxes payable by your estate.


excellent tax benefits

Life Insurance 

small annual payments = substantial gift


excellent tax credits

Residual Interest Gifts 

immediate tax benefit